About Tours To Iceland

Tours To Iceland and US Quilt Tours is based in Simpsonville, South Carolina. We handle travel arrangements within the United States and Iceland for both individuals and groups.

Travel to Iceland

Tours are designed and organized by Icelandic travel professionals who reside in the United States and Iceland. The group is led by a an expert, also born and bred in Iceland.

Aside from being able to guarantee the true Icelandic flavor, every effort is being made to feature the best and most genuine Icelandic experience, both in the capital City of Reykjavik, as well as in the countryside.

US Quilt Tours

We offer tours to the lesser traveled regions of the U.S., such as New England, the “Deep South” and the Pacific Northwest. Many of the tours are tailor made to suit each individual or small group, as far as the length of the tour, its content and price category is concerned.

U.S. Quilt Tours ideology is based on the belief that the “real” America is found off the beaten path – away from mass tourism, American history is not only found in Washington, D.C., but on Indian Reservations, the Louisiana Cajun Country and on the lands of the Amish in Pennsylvania and the quaint villages of New England. The spectacular nature attractions are an all important element on many of our tours, where visits to the National Parks are frequently incorporated.

Quilters from different parts of the world travel with us as individuals and in groups, to experience the camaraderie of fellow travelers that have a common interest in the art and craft of quilting.

Want to know more about us? Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about our tours.

Your Tour Operator – Ingólfur “Ingo” Blöndal

Ingo, an Icelander, is the owner and director of NATO LTD, in operation for over 30 years. He was educated in Iceland and Germany and started his career in the travel industry in Reykjavík. He moved abroad and offered his expertise in travel to international corporations in West Africa, Turkey, Germany and the United States. NATO LTD offers specialty tours (from beekeepers to quilters and vegetarians) and to special destinations, such as Iceland.

As an Icelander, with his background in travel in Iceland, Ingo seeks to offer tours to Iceland that mirror a true perspective to Icelandic culture and traditions. The tours by NATO LTD are designed in great detail to demonstrate the highlights of Icelandic nature, Icelandic hospitality, cuisine, handicraft and ingenuity.

Why Iceland ? – Why NATO LTD ?

Iceland holds the fascination by many who wonder what makes this small island nation tick. In this age of failed nations Iceland prospers. This volcanic rock that sits in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, straddling the Artic Circle is home to 330,000 industrious, hard-working people; a nation fiercely proud of its language and culture.

Come to Reykjavík and feel the energy that emanates from countless hot springs, waterfalls and volcanoes and drives a culture of accomplishment. NATO LTD with its Icelandic background is better equipped to show you the genuine Iceland than anyone else.


Regardless of reason, cancellations result in a costly process of letters, emails, calls, adjustments and refunds, etc., plus a loss of revenue if time does not permit resale of the lost reservation. The following fees apply to offset these costs., no exceptions. In the event of cancellation by the tour operator, all payments received from tour participants will be refunded. If an airline ticket has been issued on your behalf you are subject to the airlines cancellation fee for the ticket.

  • 60+ days prior to departure – cancellation fee of $300
  • 59 to 30 days prior to departure – cancellation fee of 80% of tour price
  • 29 to 0 days prior to departure – cancellation fee of 100% of tour price